CONVERSATION on LENINIST PARTY of Bangladesh  (In Facebook) :

Shah Alam posted to Nazrul Islam, member of central committee of the WORKERS PARTY OF THE BANGLADESH , fraternally related with the CPI(M) and Anisur Rahman Mollick is the general secretary of the Workers party of Bangladesh .
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Post of Shah Alam :

” So rightly the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO has stated that ” United action of the leading civilized countries at least is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the proletariat.” But it is the fraud CPI(M) who has deleted the so important sentence from its Bengali version , page 44, Kolkata, WB, Any one can differ with this formulation but no one have right to deleted it except a cheat who has made a fake communist manifesto by this evil job. Thus, the CPI(M) is a corrupt party . So cadres of it is nothing but criminal or stupid.”
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Shah Alam : ” thnx to all.”
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Shah Alam : “Therefore, its very much clear that the CPI(M) is not a communist party. And in fact communist party is global for a communist revolution, which is only job of working class. Thus, a communist party is a party of only working class.”
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